1. Candice Benshoff

    TDC: Final Week


    April 30: Noses, schnozes, beaks, snouts, probosci, snoots. Get the picture!

    April 27: Square is hip! Lose the rectangle. Share a photo with square (1:1) aspect ratio. Crop if needed.
    This one never made it to TDC website sorry! Flickr wasn’t letting me upload







  2. Scott Plunkett

    Time of Day – Tutorial


    About a month ago I submitted the “Time of Day” visual assignment. I got the idea for the assignment (which is to take several picture throughout the day in the same spot, then merge them together) after seeing a cool picture online that was made using pictures taken of a …

  3. Seong Cho

    Final Reflection


    Hello World! The semester is almost over and I’ve just finished my Final project and final reflection. I’ve learned a lot this semester in this class such as video editing and photoshop. It has been a good year and here is my final reflection.

  4. Seong Cho

    Final Project: This is my Story


    For my final project, I chose to do This is my Story from youtube. Most people tell their secrets or hard trouble times but I chose my story to be a funny. I chose my story from our arrival in the United States. I used Window Live Movie Maker and …

  5. Seong Cho

    Final Project Progess 2


    So far, I have my music I wanted to use for the video and I have outline the most of the story on a paper. Now all I have to do is write them on flashcards and record myself. Then just put all the pieces together and my final project …

  6. Daniel Dobbins

    Final Project Post


    these are my final project posts. so I really have enjoyed the final production of most of my work in this class but my final project was really disappointing. I had a really big idea about a series of lectures on chemistry but it really wasn’t a feasible goal in …

  7. Feng

    ds106 fave moments


    Make a two minute video featuring the best/fave moments in ds106. Oh man I’m going to miss doing these assignments.. I feel like I’ve learned a lot but can still sharpen up my video skills. So in this assignment, I’ve decided to go all out by adding as many special …

  8. melodie

    Tutorial 4: Wait, where’d that guy come from?


    Here is a wonderous tutorial using Photoshop showing how to successfully put a person from one picture into another. I used a free download of jing to screen capture with audio, but went over the five minute limit so there are 2 videos.
    Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is …

  9. melodie

    Tutorial 3: Interview/Music Mashup


    This assignment is just so awesome.  I hope you have Garageband because that is all you need to complete this task.  The example on the assignment page is really neat because it’s like a pseudo radio show, but with responses that you recognize.  The first and probably hardest thing to …

  10. melodie

    New Assignment: I Know People


    This design assignment is like a mixture of Celeb Mashup! and Wait, Where’d that guy come from? because you have to add a celebrity to an existing photo of you or your friends to make it look like the celeb was actually with you.  A party scene is great but …

  11. Devin Lert

    Create Your Own Smartphone App


    The third assignment I made is called “Create Your Own Smartphone App.” Ignoring the typo in the description (whoops!) the assignment entail coming up with your dream smartphone app and illustrating what it would do.

    Funny enough, Bud Light already came out with a commercial of my dream app. Check …

  12. melodie

    Remix Cha-ching


    Everything is a remix. That’s why you always hear people saying nothing is original anymore.  The first video represented remixing in the music world and exemplified it through rock band stealing folk music.  Well, folks, this is not the first time this has happened.  Many composers have taken tunes from …

  13. Feng

    Digital Diary – Final Project Analysis


    I’m not sure when I figured out what I wanted to do for my final project, but the main inspiration behind it came with the idea of blogging daily creates. At the end of each week, we are to blog at least three daily creates, and so I integrated that …

  14. Scott Plunkett

    Assignment Submission – Rage Faces IRL


    So as I was doing my daily browsing of the internet I came across a pretty cool series of pictures. A guy had taken pictures of himself trying to replicate all of the popular “rage faces” in real life (link to the picture below, because it’s a very long picture). …

  15. Seong Cho

    Final Project Progress 1


    For my final project, I decided to do “This is my Story” on youtube, where I tell a story without saying a word but with my flashcard. I will need to find a background music that fits my story. The story will be my arrival to the US. I have …

  16. melodie

    New Assignment: Jingle Jam


    This assignment stemmed from the DS106 radio show project.  When we had to make commercials I decided to make a jingle instead for my favorite cafe.  Here is the assignment: Create a short jingle using at least two instruments (recorded or software).  It can be for a fictional or real …

  17. Samantha Louk

    Mash-Up Tutorial


    First find the clips from whatever show or movie you are pulling from on YouTube.Copy and paste the URLs from the videos into keepvid.com. You can choose what to convert the video into on the site. Choose an audio file such as an MP3.

    Finally, open the MP3s in …

  18. Nick Antonini

    Final Project Analysis?


    So here’s my little explanation of my final project. What originally was meant to be a video emphasizing the skateboarding culture in Fredericksburg, turned into a skate video. It was supposed to be my introduction back into skateboarding. While that……

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