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  1. @Ms_AmandaP

    Pictionary 2.0

    For one of my web assignments I chose the assignments “Google Draw Something.” I had never heard of this before and it was fun! My 10 year old watched me complete this and was eager to try himself! For some reason I couldn’t share my results on twitter, so I took a screen shot of […]
  2. @shleighduque

    Draw Something in Under 20 Seconds

    I decided to attempt the Google Draw Something assignment by clicking here and drawing something in under 20 seconds for Google to guess. This was way too fun, and also stressful, because I had to use my laptop’s touch pad and the time went by faster than I’d thought it would. I was surprised to find that the … Continue reading Draw Something in Under 20 Seconds
  3. @k8lynclements

    Google knows best

    For one of my Assignment banks I choose to do Google Draw Something This assignment takes you to: I have never seen this website before but it was really neat! It gives you something to draw and 20 seconds to draw it to see if Google can guess it correctly. I am not the best drawing person out there but Google was guessing almost everyone of mine before I would even finish the drawing. I noticed at the end it will...

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