1. 8tcgyh

    Daily Create #15: Powerful Photography


    A man dressed as Superman smiles at patient Joao Bertola, 2, and his father at the Hospital Infantil Sabara in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP
    Thania Sayne leans on the headstone marking the grave of her husband, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2011, at Arlington National …

  2. rcrabbe

    Always there


    For today’s daily create we had to

    Rouse Public Interest in the Daily Create via a Powerful Photo

    I found this image here and it reminded me of daily creates, so I added text using Picmonkey.

    We do so many daily creates that it is easy to lose them …

  3. rcrabbe

    The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For


    It’s almost time for the best act in the circus! Leo the Lion is an extraordinary, popular lion that is the envy of all other acts.  People from all over come to see this magnificent creature perform!

    But wait, oh no! There’s trouble!


    I got the idea to do …

  4. sfrench2

    What NOT to do at the circus


    Before coming with your family to the circus, be sure to watch the video below! It provides you with many examples of what NOT to do at the circus to make sure you stay safe on your visit.

    Charlie Chaplin was kind enough to make a visit to the circus …

  5. omaraminzay

    Week Assignment 4 Summary Assignment


    This week has been mixed to say the least. I was excited that we got to participate in the video part of the course. Given that I had few problems with iMovie, I wasn’t to worried. This week work began to slow down so I had some time to work …

  6. jhylan

    Make a GIF using Photoshop


    So I have made a tutorial on making an animated GIF using GIMP, so now I decided to show you how to make one using Photoshop! You get the best of both worlds. I have grown accustomed to using Photoshop and most certainly enjoy it more than GIMP, however, GIMP …

  7. jhylan

    Animate a Classic Painting


    I absolutely love making GIFs, so I decided that it would be appropriate to make an AnimatedGIF Assignment. I kind of wish this assignment could also fall under two categories, but I guess it’s not that big of a deal. You can find the assignment here and all you have …

  8. rcrabbe

    Can you guess my song?


    For the create your own ds106 assignment, I chose to do a design assignment.

    It’s called: Guess The Song 

    You have to create a poster that describes a popular song while also using an image of yourself, without telling us what the song is.

    It’s kind of a mix between …

  9. jhylan

    Shot Reverse Shot- Uniquely Done in Reservoir Dogs


    Quentin Tarantino is unlike any other director that has ever existed. Though his films can be quite gruesome his directing is near genius if watched carefully and closely. For instance watch this clip from his debut film Reservoir Dogs:


    Watching the clip on silent can show how and why …

  10. jhylan



    I took a film class a few semesters ago and ever since then I have never looked at film the same way. By no means does that make me an expert on film, but my girlfriend sure does find it annoying sometimes to watch movies together. That being said I …

  11. rcrabbe



    Is the assignment page down for anybody else?? It won’t let me see anything at all and then when I view the cached page and try to click on the links to individual assignments it won’t let me see those either HELP!!…

  12. sfrench2

    Look, Listen, Analyze: Back to the Future


    Here are my brief notes that I took as I watched the clip above from Back to the Future:

    1. Analyze the camera work
    -Show of crowd from stage
    -Then shot of him on stage getting ready to play from a little bit of a lower angle
    -Then shows him …

  13. fhowell

    Fooling around with Foley


    This is an exercise in my ds106 summer class that we are to edit our audio Foley assignment into the 30 second clip it was designed for. For this exercise you will need to download a video converter and use a video editing software. I used a free converter from …

  14. skasner

    Lost Cow


    A friendly cow all red and white

    Has wander far to her great fright.

    Can’t find her heard with all her might

    She may be looking through the night.

    She wanders lowing here and there

    How she had left without a care!

    But ever since she saw that bear

    Her …

  15. rcrabbe

    A Little Distraction


    Today’s daily create:

    The friendly cow all red and white,
    smelt some fresh food, to her delight
    I wonder what’s for dinner, she thought
    oh look! over there! steam from my pot!

    She wanders lowing here and there,
    smelling the flowers with seconds to spare
    daisies and sunflowers and dandelions …

  16. yharvey2013

    To Look, Listen, and Analyze A Movie


    Sometimes when I look at a movie in silence, I tend to make my own assumptions what they are talking about. Even when you can hear a movie most people make assumptions of what is going to happen next. I believe this is how we receive or get the story …

  17. sfrench2

    Ebert Response


    I had no idea the analysis that could be done when it comes it movies! I normally just watch the movie and never give a single thought about the techniques being used.

    The fact that I never notice any of this makes me question if these techniques actually work to …

  18. lizardbreath1717

    Make Poop


    The music video I used is Keith Urban’s “Long Hot Summer” and the soundtrack I replaced his magical voice with the audio from “Make Poop”.

    I downloaded the music video from Youtube using KeepVid.com. I used VideoPad to strip the actual audio from the video. I downloaded the “Make Poop” …