1. @ds106_mckayla

    Weekly Summary #14 final outline and videos.


    This week I have started to take videos and photos of my sister and her atmosphere at the airport. This is based out of Hanover Airport in Ashland, VA. I have got some really cool videos and pictures of sunsets in the plane and on the ground with planes around. …

  2. @jupiter_pop



    ? With so many school years to go
    And things to be found (to be found)
    I’m sure that we’ll all miss Ds106 so
    It’s the final countdown
    The final countdown
    The final countdown
    The final countdown ?

    ‘Melody’ Europe

    It’s the final countdown at Ds106, with only the final …

  3. @madelinewelsh2

    Weekly Summary


    Final project time!

    So for this week, Mariam and I decided to work together. We actually worked together for the radio show and thought it would be a good idea to collaborate again.

    We threw some ideas out there but ultimately decided that we wanted to do something that fun. …

  4. @carly g

    Weekly Summary: Project Start


    The end is nearing! Here is an outline of my final project. I am using Photoshop (Design), Timeline JS (Program), and a video to form my complete project. I am currently researching the top songs of 1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, and 1988. From here, I will photoshop those album covers …

  5. @IezziHannah

    Week 13: The Finale


    This week was the first week we were solely assigned to think about our final project. As I have discussed in my project ideas 1 & 2 posts, I chose to try and tell the story of an 80’s girl throughout this class. When we started this class I had …

  6. @MentalWalkabout

    Final Project: The-Making-Of


    For my final project, I decided to make an 80’s theme show called “80’s Throwback”. The show will encompass audio, video, and design media as ways to communicate my story to those who will watch. It will be comprised of two major segments:

    Segment One - Flash from the Past…
  7. @Mariam Ahmed

    Final is here


    For my final project I will be working with Maddie. Our idea is telling a different perspective from a 80’s movie. We hope to use video and audio in our project. We have chosen our movie to talk about. …

  8. @danielleerika4

    80’s Celebrity Analysis Week 1


    For this final project, unfortunately I was not able to organize a group project with everything going on. That being said, I decided to pursue an individual project in which I utilized Design, Video and Audio programs. All concepts that we learned this semester. I am so excited for you …

  9. @megds106

    Final Project Progress


    I thought long and hard about what kind of project I want to make, and I decided on a short story. I specifically want to write a story that is inspired by D&D. I want to make a fantasy adventure story since I don’t have too much experience writing fantasy. …

  10. @camowalker22

    Week 13: Final Project


    Project Outline

    Name That 80’s Movie and Song: Audio & Video

    For this I will get a mashup of the most popular movie scenes from the 80’s I will also get song soundtracks from those movies Once that is done I’ll show the scene with the song in the background,…
  11. @abbcass100

    Weekly Summary Week 12


    I will be working with my Tubular Tunes group again for the project. We are thinking of doing a reaction video based upon something from the 80’s. The three mediums that we are going to use video, audio, and design.

    We haven’t figured out the subject of the reaction video …

  12. @ds106_mckayla

    Weekly Summary #13, Final Project outline.


    This week, I was told to start working on my final project. For my final project, I am going to tell a story across multiple categories of media. I have created projects with writing, photography, audio, video and design. I also have done remixed and mashed up projects that were …

  13. @lper0581

    Final Project ideas!


    For the final project my group from last week’s video project and I was wanted to make some type of reaction video. There are quite a few of them on youtube and they’re quite popular in general. It seems that audiences like reaction videos so that they can feel involved …

  14. @michaeldgs106

    Final project sneak peak!


    Something that’s peaked my interest for a while is how the cycle of music affected the American landscape. I don’t think there is a better time to catalog those changes than the 80’s. The beginning of the decade saw disco fade out of existence, and genres like new wave or …

  15. @grace-ds106-2019

    Weekly Summary


    This week I have been able to think and go into more detail about my final project. The three aspects I plan on using in my final project is audio, design, and video.

    I am planning on creating a video using iMovie that has images and designs I have created …

  16. @MonicaG71488057

    Week 13 Summary/Progress Report



    I don’t want to give too many spoilers, so this report will give you just a small taste of my final project! Therefore, if you are somewhat confused, simply trust me, and be patient for the actual project! ITS GONNA BE AMAZING!!!

    For this final project, I …

  17. @MorganNebel

    Week 13: Final Project Prep


    Thanks to one of my co-workers, I have a great plan for my final project! I was telling my coworker Stephanie that I had an assignment that involved storytelling, and the 80’s but I had no idea what to do. She jokingly said I should tell a story of the …

  18. @yarasaleh68

    Weekly Summary 13


    I didn’t do too much for this class this week, but I know it’ll pick up very soon. This week has been a crazy week for me in general, I’m so exhausted. Classes aren’t even picking up for me too much, it’s literally just life duties that have been suffocating …

  19. @camowalker22

    Story Analysis: Stranger Things, Season 1


    Stranger Things is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, in November 1983, the first season focuses on the investigation into the disappearance of a young boy named Will Byers has been disappeared to the upside down and supernatural events start occurring around the town, including the appearance of …

  20. @yarasaleh68

    Progress Report 1


    Wow, it feels weird creating a blog post again. I haven’t made one in so long, and I haven’t even logged onto my domain. I used to have this site open at all times, but while planning for this final project and doing other things, this has been on the …

  21. @tlengel2

    Final Project, Here We Come!


    Tubular Tunes and Other DS106 Antics strikes again!!!

    As usual, it will feature Lauren, Abby, and me! We have been bouncing ideas off of each other during this week, and we are so excited to be putting together one last project as the semester of DS106 comes to a close.…

  22. @jupiter_pop

    DAILY CREATE: Week 13


    No Daily Creates this week?! Psh. How about 6, as per usual, haha. It would feel weird to quit now, especially since the end of the semester is so near. It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

    This week, we posted a book title from emojis, we created some shadow art, …

  23. @njchic16

    Final Part 1


    This final project I want to re-enact a movie scene or multiple scenes from the 80’s Movie Footloose from Willard’s point of view. I will use my family and friends to act out the different features as well as some of myself along with taking the videos and editing the …

  24. @camowalker22

    Week 1: Weekly Summary


    I learned how to set up a website from scratch. I thought embedding all the social media accounts wouldn’t be too hard but they were frustrating. The easiest part of all of this was making all the social media accounts. What drove me crazy was trying to figure out how …

  25. @camowalker22

    What the 80’s were like: Blog Thoughts


    I think the 80’s theme for this course is great because the 80’s was a time when people really started to express themselves with clothing, hairstyle and body image. I personally like the part about expressing themselves more with clothing and body image because I love the gym so seeing …

  26. @madelinewelsh2

    Weekly Summary


    I am happy to say that this week has been a much more enjoyable (and less stressful) week!

    To start off the summary of this week, I’ll go over my Daily Creates which are always fun. My first one was about a creative roadblock. It’s simple and just a play …

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