1. Oh My Gott

    Creative Commons Joke


    For this assignment I was tasked with remixing photographs by Jonathan Worth. While I’m not quite sure if a video was meant for this assignment, I went for it anyway. I was at a complete blank as to what I should do, so I went with what I feel …

  2. Lara Hampson



    So, it’s the end of the semester, and Alan wanted to go on vacation!  We were supposed to use Mozilla Popcorn Maker to to add 8 things to remix his already created video.

    An unusual image or video on the laptop screen. A SoundCLoud music track to start playing when…
  3. brittanydray

    What Even is Remix?


    (Some how this got posted after my weekly summary.  I had some issues getting my audio to upload to soundcloud.  Sorry for any confusion!)

    To start off this week we had to look at what remix even was (I promise I did this first, I just didn’t get around to …

  4. Princess Karissa

    Creating for the Creators


    Man let me tell you that I certainly do not miss the daily creates. Like at all. Something that we had to do throughout the semester was submit two different ideas for Daily Creates. One of which of mine got published!

    I decided that one of my daily creates was …

  5. Ms. Parker

    R3M1X 4 N00B5


    Ugh. These past two weeks have been rough.

    I understand what remixing is and how to do it, but I really struggled with having to define it and having to do things that I think are just… normal.

    Isn’t this what we’ve been doing all semester? Remixing pop culture, other …

  6. Ms. Parker



    For Remix week, I looked at a few references on what remixing is. Below is a video of me trying to explain it to my roommate!

    I also looked at a few examples of remixes.

    Buffy vs. Edward

    The first example I looked at was the Buffy vs. Edward

  7. Casey

    New Work, Like a Hard Cover – Summary Week 13 &14


    This is the last week of DS106 before our final project is due.  Crazy how fast all of this flew by.

    Whats a remix?  Check it out here!

    Time for vacation at the Hockey Hall of Fame!


    It was interesting to go through other people’s recycled pieces and…
  8. brittanydray

    Remix Wrap Up


    I CANNOT believe that we have officially finished our last form of media.  It blows my mind that it is already the end of the semester (and the end of my time in college).  Here is what happened during the last two weeks of Remix/Mashup

    What is Remix?

    to start …

  9. brittanydray

    Oh Stephanie Tanner


    For my second assignment that I created I made a remix assignment.  While going though the assignments for remix I found myself wishing that there were more.  I made a note to myself that I needed to create one for this category.  There were some ideas that were similar to …

  10. Ms. Parker

    FTW: FTR


    The most challenging assignment of the week: For the Remix!

    I don’t like physical/3D art. Let me just put that out there. I don’t get it. My roommate is in a Studio Art course, and I don’t get anything she does.

    So, that was off the table. I downloaded the …

  11. brittanydray

    My Assignments


    For the end of the semester we had to come up with two possible ideas for assignments for future ds106 students.  Here are the two that I came up with:

    1. A Changing Character (Remix)-

    When going though the remix assignments I found myself wishing that there were more options …

  12. mbutlerr

    Week 13&14: The end of the line


    But the fun is not over just yet. Of course we couldn’t just leave the final weeks of DS106 without some memories of mashingup and remixing some crazy things. Generally, I pour out my emotions at the end of my summary posts but since DS106 …

  13. Cole's DS106 Blog

    Don’t Even Breathe On It


    For this assignment, we had to redub over some voices from a show, movie scene, etc. and I chose Spongebob.  I don’t know why, I hated Spongebob as a kid and still don’t like him.  I guess I just thought it would be easy.  I played the part of Mr …

  14. Girl Without A Net

    Week In Review | It’s All Mashed-Up


    These two weeks have been interesting.

    Not necessarily my favorite, but I made the best of it, and tweaked assignments and ideas to my liking.  Hey, at least I made it out alive.

    Re-mix makes me think of techno, house music, and an old Club DJ boyfriend I had a …

  15. confusedeasily

    Miley Cyrus

    I did the assignment Actor Transformation I did Miley Cyrus and I wanted to show how her singing changed form something that kids want to here and to something that would make kids want to run away. I used the Bone song from Hannah Montana the show and then I…
  16. mbutlerr

    Alas, those pesky stars!


    It’s the last time we will ever do stars, fellow DS106ers. How bittersweet. For my two mashup assignments, I decided to have as much fun as possible with them BUT to also make sure I really get my points across while making some sort of impression on DS106 as a …

  17. mbutlerr



    …nothing can my true enthusiasm for being done with this assignment which involved Sending Alan on a Trip.  Sorry Alan, but this was probably the most frustrating part of DS106, for the following reasons.

    There was no way to shorten durations of clips. While you could make it…
  18. brittanydray

    Never Grow Up


    One of our final ds106 assignments was to make up two of our own assignments.  For my first one I actually decided to use an assignment that I had already kind of made up previously.  Back in design week I started doing an assignment and kind of got carried away …

  19. Ms. Parker

    10-Step Challenge


    For one of the assignments that I submitted for the assignment bank was the 10-Step Photo Challenge.

    I saw this on a site once and thought it was a great idea for an assignment.

    The task:  Take ten steps in any direction and with each step take one photo. …

  20. Girl Without A Net

    Tutorial | Cartoon You


    I decided to make a easy tutorial to turn any photo into a cartoon, or comic style image.

    I used Photoshop CS6, but I’m pretty sure the steps are similar in most recent pS editions.

    1.  Open an image

    File>Open>choose the image

    2.  Convert it to Black and White

    Image>Adjustments>Black …

  21. confusedeasily

    Recycle and remake


    For the recycle the objects from before I found it very difficult because at first I did not know what to do or what type of story line I should go with. So therefore I just went on and downloaded everything I could possibly find. Until I got to a …

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